Wood Earrings

Your earrings are so much fancy and you are in search of simple earrings?

Your earrings take much of your time while wearing and you are in search of easy to wear earrings?

Your earrings are so heaving that they hurt your ears and you are in search of lightweight earrings?

Worldwide artists search for designs and works of art that steal art lovers’ hearts. Professionals have agreed to try thousands of natural materials in this regard. Wood is one of the materials most widely used. Trees are readily available, turning wood into beautiful artistic and jewelry material. It is the ideal raw material. But,

Which woods are readily available and used in making wood jewelry?

Types of wood may include:

Jackfruit: Often jackfruit is called nangka, too. The chocolate tree is native to India, Southeast Asia, and other lowlands. Did you know the largest tree fruit is the jackfruit? It could weigh up to 80 pounds. Jackfruit beads have a lovely yellow-orange color, which may be characterized by some as golden brown.

Patikan:One particular palmwood type is Patikan. This tree comes from a Philippine-born tree. Beads of Patikan are a darker palmwood kind. It is interesting to notice that darker beads have been made out of an old oak. Patikan beads are also common for other forms of palm tree spotting and stripping.

Robles: Beads of theft are made of a rainforest tree. It is a sturdy, but lightweight hardwood. Some equate teak robles. In roble beads you can see the grain of wood, and our beads vary between light and dark brown. Some people also assume the light-colored robles are almost pink.

Teakwood: Teak wood is a common wood type, widely used in the production of furniture, furniture, vessels, and other external buildings. It is one of the longest standing wood varieties on the market and is pest and decay resistant. Teak wood provides a wide variety of colors, such as smoothing and darker finishes in light and grainy wood.

Cherrywood: The cherry trees, as they contain beautiful flowers and delicious fruits, are exceptional garden attractions. The reddish-brown, robustness and smooth grain of this oil. The smooth and admirable finish of wood is widely used in jewelry.

To complete my look, I like to add fun accessories such as a dainty necklace, bracelets and a ring. Skai Jackson

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Wooden gems are becoming increasingly common, and many are using them more and more. Wood is much lower than other materials such as gold, platinum or silver without losing efficiency. Their use of wood is very limited. Wooden earrings are one of the most common wooden jewelry.

Advantages of using wooden earrings:

Non-Irritating: Wood jewelry is very light, no ear tearing or expanding. The earrings of Wood exercise low pressure on the earlballs to avoid pain. Women with earholes which have been extended over time may still wear them with our additional extension.

Environmental friendly:The atmosphere and water supply of plastic have already been obstructed. Wood jewelry will ultimately return to the cam and help to create more life. Wood Jewelry minimizes the use of environmentally damaging unsustainable products. Nature itself not only supports its use.

Diverse design range:The design possibilities of wood are greater than that of other materials, and due to this reason, it can be easily carved into complex shapes and designs. Design possibilities are often only limited by imagination.

Uniqueness: The timber is more maltable and therefore much easier to manipulate than other materials used to produce gemstones. This function allows artists to create a variety of designs, some very complex. Wood also comes in various colors and textures, giving yet more opportunities.

All of these wood-related features ensure that wood’s accessories are still exclusive.

Laser cut wood earrings which are extremely light. Ideal for everyday use and greatly helps with inflammation of the earring. Complex and expressive style. There’s something for everyone with over 600 designs. Wood comes from organic trees and 90% of recycled ear cards are used to minimize their eco-footprint.

Wooden earrings because of its various advantages can be easily approached by everyone. One can made them at home easily also. They can be a finest gift to the loved ones when made by our own hands. Self-made wooden earrings leads to certain questions.

Is wood cutting process necessary while making earrings at home?

No, the wood cutting is not a necessary demand. One can buy the readymade earring shapes from any local market but if cutting becomes necessary they can use laser cutting technique, dermal machine or approach a carpenter.

Is it a better way to make wood earrings at home?

Yes, once the person is done with the earrings, they can gather the remains of wood, clean them, and use them again. This will also help economically in saving material and recycling them.

How the person can save the paintbrush from getting hard after waterproofing process?

Using the turpentine oil and then wiping it with a cloth of cotton will soften the paintbrush.

Final words

Perhaps you did not regard wood as an alternative material to your earrings, but while it is not a common choice, this is an excellent choice. Wood does not damage piercings in your ears and, when worn, is not known to cause allergies or any form of reaction. Once again, make sure the post is made of wood. Hence, wood is an economically cheap tool in jewelry making.