Wooden Bracelets

Wearing a bracelet around the wrist is a tradition that has been around for men and women for a long time. Often, depending on the community, values, or faith, distinct bead bracelets may have a specific meaning or can also be worn as an accessory to convey fashion and style.

A picture from the history!!!

Warriors and kings of various cultures used to wear bracelets on their hands in antique times. They were made from shells and bones and used to be worn as a sign of a bad spirit. The rich people wore bracelets in their communities to demonstrate their strength and prestige.

There were always different reasons in mind when wearing these bracelets. Some people used to wear bracelets at that time because they liked the fashion side.


Rosary wooden Bracelet
Rosary wooden Bracelet
Lightning Wood Buddhism bracelet
Lightning Wood Buddhism bracelet
St Benedict Medals Bracelet
Punk Leather Bracelet Wooden
Punk Leather Wooden Bracelet
Celokiy wooden bracelet
St Benedict wooden Bracelet
Wooden Bead St Michael Bracelet
Wooden Bead St Michael Bracelet
Gehna Natural Wooden bracelet
Leather Rope wooden bracelet
Leather Rope wooden bracelet
Saint Benedict wooden bracelet
Saint Benedict wooden bracelet

Are you looking for such wooden bracelets that not only defines you but also expresses and distinguish you from rest of the world?

Bracelets have adapted to contemporary fashion accessories from good luck charms to a state sign. Things and people’s view changed in the modern age.

Express yourself: Generally, men and women wear bracelets for personality, mode and style. It can be a great indicator to display your personality and style according to the bracelet you wear.

Accessory to outfit: Bracelets are versatile and pleasant for any outfit, along with necklaces, pillows or other types of accessories.

A source of refreshing memories: Armbands or other accessories are the kinds of objects which serve as souvenirs. It retains inestimable memories that could have been forgotten for a long time. It helps to remember the beautiful moments with your loved ones. It helps to remember those lovely occurrences in the past.

Status Symbol: Cultivations also have associated armbands of prosperity, riches and rank. In this relation, straps could be used to define your status in society as an immediate combination.

Significant oil diffuser: Wooden bead straps can be used as a simple oil diffuser, a perfect accessory. Wood has the potential to absorb a perfume for a long time and to retain it comfortably. Therefore, beaded wristbands are extremely useful if your favorite essential oil scent is to be worn everywhere you go.

Various brands are now competing in the market to gain attention of the buyers by introducing bundle of diverse wooden jewelry ranging from earrings to bracelets.

Plantwear wooden bracelets after the watches, eyeglasses and boxes, bring bracelets in the market. They are original accessories that sparkle your look. For those who like bold jewelry or who prefer sensitive accessories, we have prepared everything. Both men and women wear our wooden bracelets. We will give you a choice: you can make a perfect bracelet in twelve different pendants and string colors.

Certain types of wooden bracelets by the Plantwear includes:

Letter Bracelets: A little letter that reminds you that you love somebody. Find wooden bracelets and make a special gift for yourself or others. For couples, for friends, for all fans of minimalist joys.

Wooden Bracelets: There is something unique for animal lovers, symbols, something for travelers, animal lovers, couples or mates – everyone will find something special among the handmade braided bracelets. And with a bracelet – everybody’s able to plant a tree.

I want a bracelet that wouldn’t be so hard that it injure my arm or not to soft that simply sticks to my skin. I am in search of an accessory that is made from a material that fulfill both the conditions. So, here comes the wooden bracelets made from variety of woods.

Today, jewelry is largely abandoned on grounds of precious metals such as gold or platinum for ornaments made from wood. There is a wide variety of wood for the production of jewelry, which gives each one its own color, style and fabric. Wooden beads have always been common among the jewelry and are not only made with ornamentation, but also for many other purposes.

Let’s have a quick glance!!!

Ebony:Ebony is referred to as the various dark, black or thick hardwood varieties. They are typically used to make dark or brown wooden beads.

Graywood:Graywood is still a kind of wood used for the making of wooden beads. They are renowned for their vivid, smoking grey look. Graywood beads are light and smooth, which make them suitable for joints.

Rosewood: Another type of wood for making beads is Rosewood. The wood is notable for its pink and dark color, used to make a variety of decorative decorations. Rosewood perforations are well known for their hardness and the smooth appearance of the loose wood grain.

Palmwood: A variety of palms, such as cocos and database palms is derived from palmwood. Their characteristic grey and black markings on their surface make them primarily for the development of ethnic jewelry. These markings give the palmwood beads a distinctive look.

Wooden jewelry always been a point of attraction because of its various features and beyond that, it is cheap which increases its demand. Also, it can be made at home and act as a finest gift to our loved ones.

Being a beginner, its tough decision that which wood is good to use.

Well, for aspiring jewelry makers, Balsawood, Birchwood, Cedarwood, Bamboo wood and Cherry wood always act as a better choice.

Mode and style is the latest fashion in the world, both for men and women. All expects to be trendy and to follow the best mode of the present day. Those days are gone when girls just enjoyed mingling. Jewelry always considered as a status symbol but wooden jewelry and bracelets are something admirable that can be easily approached by all.